Development Programs

In the context of national or European investment programs, our company undertakes the preparation of economic and technical studies, NSRF, LEADER programs, as well as electronic tenders.

With the many years of experience that our executives have in development programs, they will study your business plan and guide you to the appropriate development or financing tool that serves your needs.

Services provided

  • Compilation, submission and implementation of an investment portfolio.

  • Writing a business plan.

  • Feasibility & Sustainability Study.

  • Business Valuation Study.

  • Applications to financial instruments.

  • Establishment/transformation of companies.

  • Compilation, submission and implementation of electronic tender offers.

  • Digital Signature Edition.

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Why choose us?

To help you save quality time to grow your business and resources from unnecessary taxes that can be leveraged for future investments.

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Experience – Reliability – Confidentiality

With more than 38 years of experience in the field, we provide valid and timely information to our customers, responsibly with absolute confidentiality and reliability.

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Supervision and Prevention

We monitor and directly inform our clients about the financial course of their business, so that they can validly make the appropriate decisions and plan their next business moves.

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