Tax Services

Payroll costs are an issue that concerns every new and existing business today. The company’s many years of experience in labor and insurance matters can provide a solution to all wage and labor issues that a business may face during its start-up, but also during its operation. The company’s specialized and experienced staff guarantees the correct and timely management of a company’s salary and labor issues, freeing it from this specific procedure.

We provide full representation and coverage of all wage and labor obligations that a business has to its public services.

Services provided

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  • Tax advisory services for individuals and businesses

  • Preparation and tax planning of income tax returns for individuals and businesses

  • Compilation and submission of tax returns for individuals and businesses

  • Tax solutions for foreign residents

  • Calculation of available capital of past years to cover presumption

  • Processing conversions, mergers, absorptions and solutions of companies

  • Advisory support in choosing the appropriate company form, depending on the needs and nature of the company

  • Support in tax audits carried out by the tax administration for individuals and businesses

  • Obvious Appeals

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Why choose us?

To help you save quality time to grow your business and resources from unnecessary taxes that can be leveraged for future investments.

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Experience – Reliability – Confidentiality

With more than 38 years of experience in the field, we provide valid and timely information to our customers, responsibly with absolute confidentiality and reliability.

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Supervision and Prevention

We monitor and directly inform our clients about the financial course of their business, so that they can validly make the appropriate decisions and plan their next business moves.

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