Accounting Services

As business-oriented professionals, we know that the good organization of the accounting and financial activities of a business, combined with the right information and communication, ensure that your business activities will operate more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of any successful business.

At our company, we understand that as a business owner you have more important things to do than keep track of your business accounts. We offer full coverage of your business accounting requirements and needs, so you can focus on what you know how to do well…running your business and generating profits.

The accounting services we offer can help you with the day-to-day tasks associated with managing the financial side of your business. Our professional expertise and experience can meet your business needs and help you solve day-to-day issues in order to grow the business and improve its profitability.

We have the experience, as well as the appropriately specialized staff required to provide financial reports according to Greek Accounting Standards, which are accurate, understandable so that the company can make the right decisions.

We offer comprehensive services to freelancers, farmers and small businesses, to large commercial – industrial enterprises with organized accounting and to public enterprises and organizations.

Every month or quarter our specialized and experienced staff carry out the following actions for you

Services provided

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  • Updating accounting records

  • Informing the business about the current VAT situation, as well as the calculation and submission of the periodic VAT return.

  • Update, calculate and submit withholding taxes

  • Reconciliation of bank accounts & loans (depending on book category)

  • Commercial management agreement with accounting (depending on book category)

  • Submission of summary tables of intra-Community withdrawals/deliveries

  • Filing intrastate returns

  • Payroll calculation and submission of A.P.D.

λογιστικά γιαννιτσά

Why choose us?

To help you save quality time to grow your business and resources from unnecessary taxes that can be leveraged for future investments.

φοροτεχνικά γιαννιτσά

Experience – Reliability – Confidentiality

With more than 38 years of experience in the field, we provide valid and timely information to our customers, responsibly with absolute confidentiality and reliability.

φορολογικες δηλωσεις γιαννιτσα

Supervision and Prevention

We monitor and directly inform our clients about the financial course of their business, so that they can validly make the appropriate decisions and plan their next business moves.

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